Notes on Service Design

Reading #1

Assertion:  Service design and design thinking and human-centered design are basically the same thing.

No, no, no. They are not.

Service design is a specialization or focus.


Design thinking is about the act of applying design process, tools and methodology to problem solving, without indicating the focus or “object”

Definitively what are those processes, tools, and methodologies to problem solving?

It’s a solid

Human-centred design is putting the people for whom we are designing at the heart of the design process.

I think of it as a philosophy.


Service Design ≠ Customer design, but there is overlap. It’s perhaps similar to the overlap between IxD and UX design? Although I think Service design falls under the broad umbrella of UX?

Our first attempt at a definition is:

Service design is the act of thoughtfully organizing procedures, environments and actors into systems to fulfill a goal or need.

Pretty alright

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